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  • 5F Entrance
  • 5F Meeting Space
  • 6F Lounge
  • 5F 503


Joining LINK-J is also required.

Floor Area Rent etc.
501 36.25㎡(10.97tsubo) Contact us.
502 37.57㎡(11.36tsubo)
503 93.58㎡(28.31tsubo)
504 39.47㎡(11.94tsubo)
505 93.81㎡(28.38tsubo)
506 35.91㎡(10.86tsubo)
507 32.03㎡(9.69tsubo)
Floor Area Rent etc.
601 32.27㎡(9.76tsubo) Contact us.
602 37.57㎡(11.36tsubo)
603 98.85㎡(29.90tsubo)
604 40.48㎡(12.25tsubo)
605 96.01㎡(29.04tsubo)
606 35.91㎡(10.86tsubo)
607 32.03㎡(9.69tsubo)
Floor Area Rent etc.
701 41.41㎡(12.53tsubo) Contact us.
702 42.93㎡(12.99tsubo)
703 60.14㎡(18.19tsubo)
704 31.27㎡(9.46tsubo)
705 37.31㎡(11.29tsubo)
706 94.58㎡(28.61tsubo)
707 35.64㎡(10.78tsubo)
708 31.86㎡(9.64tsubo)
■ LINK-J Membership Type About LINK-J
Membership Type Qualifications Enrollment Fee Annual Fee
Special Membership A
Corporations with 101 or more employees or those in business for 20 or more years ¥100,000 ¥500,000
Special Membership B
(i) Corporations with 100 or fewer employees and in business for fewer than 20 years ¥30,000 ¥120,000
(ii) Non-profit organizations (Independent administrative agency, national research and development agency, administrative agencies, educational corporations, general corporations, public benefit corporations, social welfare corporations, quasi-public bodies of diplomatic missions in Japan and other such institutions)
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