Suitable for various events from large conferences to small seminars

Excellent accessibility: Directly connected to "Mitsukoshimae" Station of the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Hanzomon Line, and also within walking distance from Tokyo Station. The facility is operated specifically for Life science related usage. Further, we offer various service such as audio-visual equipment which support conferences and seminars, and catering arrangements for parties.

  • Conference Room A
  • Meeting space #3
  • All connected plan
    (Conference Room E)
  • Conference Room C


■ Room Charge for Rental Conference Rooms *Special rates available for LINK-J members
Room Name Area ㎡/(tsubo) Seating capacity (persons) Room Charge
(JPY/h, tax excluded)
Classroom Style Square Style Island Style
8F Conference
Room A
244.00㎡ (73.81 tsubo) 120 102*2 By
JPY 58,800
Room B
77.70㎡ (23.50 tsubo) 54 36 54 JPY 20,400
Room C
44.40㎡ (13.43 tsubo) 30 24 27 JPY 13,200
Room D*1
138.20㎡ (41.80 tsubo) 81 48 By
JPY 33,600
Room E*1
383.80㎡ (116.09 tsubo) 210 152*2 By
JPY 92,400
  • *1 Conference Room D / E are available by opening movable partitions.
  • *2 You can reserve the reception area only when using Conference Room E (A+B+C)
Reception 153.40㎡(46.40tsubo)
  • *When using Conference Room E, the reception area may also be used as a party venue.
  • *The reception area cannot be reserved as a meeting space. Please refrain
  • from using the reception area for extended periods of time when not using Conference Room E.
■ List of Available Equipment in Conference Rooms
Equipment Name Quantity Remarks
Desk 72
Seat 279
Stage 6 Only A・E
Projector 2
Pointer 2
Screen 2
Sub-display 3
Wireless microphone 6 A,B,D:3 E:6
Blu-ray player 2 A,B,D:1 E:2
Wifi available
Microphone stand (Desk type/Floor type) 2 per room A,B,D:1 E:2
Podium 2 A,B,D:1 E:2
If you already completed the registration, please click here for conference room reservations.